International Directory of Women Artists


Nina Mattila / Finland
As an visual artist and a photographer the work presented is emotional and touching, but still everyday things. The stories and emotions one feels in the artwork depends on the mindset of the viewer. Someone finds a piece of their childhood, others may see glimpse of present.

Amalia Toivonen / Finland

Gabriele Guenther / Germany

Dionysia Michali / Greece

Zsuzsi Csiszer / Hungary

Michelle Alexis Smith / Italy
Michelle’s pictorial expressions present a stubborn and relentless research, made of subject investigations and artistic techniques

Kazuyo Yamada / Netherlands

Marga Duin / Netherlands

Ping Frederiks / Netherlands

Katarina Fagerstrom / Sweden
Floral abstractions through a creative lens.

Elisabeth Ohlström / Sweden

Jenny Van GimstJenny Van Gimst / Belgium

New Zealand and Australia:

Cleo Wilkinson / New Zealand

Sandra Whiteside / Australia


Josianne Ishikawa / Japan
An American artist who has lived in Japan for over twenty years. The biggest influence on her work comes from the traditional designs and pop culture of Japan.

Joan Marie Kelly / Singapore
Joan Kelly paints portraits of the dispossessed of the new economic order of globalization. Sex workers, blue collar migrants, the mutilated from China’s factories: neoliberalism’s losers stare at the viewer. Kelly operates in zones of contact, places where competing narratives of power compete, where silences speak to unwritten histories.

Emilie Record / China
Illustrations, paintings and graphic design. Coming from her feelings, what Emilie R. draws and paints is exhalingstrong disturbing emotions and the most unexpected poses human are able to create.

Middle East

Patricia Abramovich / Israel
“Moving Towards Abstraction” / Exhibition and catolog of noted abstract painter,
Patricia Abramovich

Ella Prakash / Bahrain
Abstract figures having different moods and emotions speak for her and colors which add music to the words they create. Her spirit is mirrored in her work. She believes that every work of art must carry a message.


Grady Zeeman / South Africa
The curves of the female body, combined with the colour symbolism in my paintings, express my innermost feelings and the exuberance of being created a woman.

Patricia Armato
My website gives an introduction to my sculpture and brief history of my background.

Lucy Arnold
Original paintings, mostly watercolor, of natural history subjects as well as abstracts. Also prints, cards, beaded jewelry, and miniature shoes.

Mary Joyce Athey
Gallery of my abstract impressionistic watercolor art; introduction to my published book of painting and poetry; artist statement, interactive blog, and more. Come see!

Kirstin L. Bruner
Kirstin L. Bruner focuses on an exploration of language, bringing words to life on canvas through geometric abstract painting, in essence defining words through art.

Kathleen Caricof
Sculptor & designer working in a variety of materials specific to each artwork and site; including steel, natural stone, composite stone, wood, and glass.

Kelly Cruise

Jane DeDecker
My work is a cumulative process made of my life experiences and my desire to sculpt the human form. I can see in each of my pieces the evolution of learning and the discovery that takes place when I develop the soul and likeness of my subject. The finished piece hopefully reveals my thoughtful study of the subject and the energy of the creative process.

M. M. Dupay
Collages that explore desire, gender, and the in-between spaces of being the other.

Kathryn Hart
A painting with heart should come from the gut, expose a piece of the artist in a very raw way.
I am guided by feeling, not a specific image in my head.

My works are expressions of the human condition, all of its emotional crags and crevices, what we want others to see and what we hide…who we are when we are alone.

Cathy Hegman
My art blog, Art and Painting by Cathy Hegman is an attempt to share my conception process and personal insight into my paintings. My paintings tell the tale of the paths, I have traveled some familiar, and some new. I am a professional artist in watercolor,acrylic,and mixed medias. My work is available in galleries, online and from my studio. Please also visit my

Toni Hobbs
Director of Creative & Branding Services at Morehead State University (MSU) has been instrumental in developing a mentoring program
for underrepresented students and is a founding member and current advisor of the ALLYance (MSU’s gay-straight student coalition).

Martina Hoffmann
Visionary inner landscapes, the shamanic realm and the divine feminine.

Marianne Hornbuckle
Abstract paintings and figurative bronze sculpture by Marianne Hornbuckle, Santa Fe painter and sculptor. Blog is

Eva Hyam
Artist and abstract painter she has a sampling of her mixed media paintings and exotic collages exhibited on her website.

>Alyson Kinkade
Like the vanishing Great Plains, my aesthetics lend to simple forms in conjunction with an agitated surface, the rhythm of difference and repetition, and a subtle tension from integrating structure with the unplanned.

Dorothy Krause
Embedding archetypal symbols and fragments of image and text in multiple layers of texture and meaning, Krause work includes large scale mixed media pieces, artist books and book-like objects that bridge between these two forms.

Cathy Locke
A discussion on An Emotional Approach to Painting

Debra Paulson
A Chicago native, I focus my photography primarily on Chicago Architecture and public spaces. I create both digital and film photographs in color and black & white.

Sandra Randall Mclean
plein air paintings

Elizabeth Parker

Jessica Sabogal
Jessica Sabogal is a first generation Colombian American graffiti artist, hip-hop dancer, toymaker, and photographer. Inspired by the rhythm of a drumbeat, the body in motion, and the stories less told, Jessi seeks to undo the taboo reputation of the spray can while making art that incites action, inspiration and appreciation.

G.A. Sheller
See my website to learn about my workshops, my paintings and the unusual method that I use in the work.

Sue Gill Rose
Acrylic paintings on canvas. Southern Reflection Series, Genesis Series.

Elena Mary Siff
Collage/assemblage/unique books.

Wilda Gerideau-Squires
With her captivating images of everyday objects like glass, fabric and metal, Wilda Gerideau-Squires elevates her raw material from its conventional context, strips it of its associations and turns it into a pure visual dialogue between textures, forms and light. Using both film and digital photography, she explores the essence of her objects and creates pictures that are powerful due to their themes of visual contrast, especially the interplay of light upon fabric of varying thicknesses and colors.

Pam E. Webb
Watercolor prints of tropical, nautical and seascape scenes. The website lets you choose mat colors and frames for each print that you want to purchase. User friendly website. Over 100 different watercolor prints to choose from. Pam has been painting for 25 years while traveling on her sailboat in the islands.


Hera Bell
Hera Bell is an award winning Montreal photographer.

Grace Benedict
Drawings and works on paper that place the portrait and the figure in a
framework of a symbolic language of nature.

Susan Shaw
www.susanshawgallery.blogspot.coman exploration of artistic techniques<

Brenda Gale Warner

Brenda Gale Warner
representing fine Canadian and International artists


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